Concrete Roof Tiles: The Pros and Cons

Nowadays, there are a huge number of pitched roof materials available. These consist of concrete tiles, clay tiles, slate and shingles.

Concrete tiles can be a terrific choice of material for your roofing. They’re popular for their adaptability, as they can be found in great deals of various shapes, colours and designs. They can likewise last a long period of time.

However is concrete the best material for your pitched roofing system? We have assembled a list of its pros and cons to help you pick.


Low maintenance

Concrete tiles are low maintenance. Concrete is really tough and difficult to damage, so it’s not likely that you’ll have to do any repair work. Generally, the most maintenance concrete tiles require is tidying up from time to time to eliminate moss and mildew.


Concrete tiles are long lasting. If they’re set up and preserved correctly they can last for over 50 years.

Fire resistant

Concrete tiles are fire resistant. This will reduce the damage that a fire could cause to your home.


Concrete tiles are versatile. They’re offered in a range of shapes and colours. Many home owners utilise concrete tiles to create enticing multi-coloured patterns on their roofs.

Concrete tiles can likewise be made to look like other materials, like wood, slate and shingle.

Fairly environmentally-friendly

Concrete tiles are reasonably environmentally-friendly. This is because concrete is built out of natural materials. So although it’s not biodegradable, concrete is environmentally friendly due to the truth that its components do not need environmentally-damaging factory production.



Concrete tiles are really heavy. So prior to you installing them you’ll have to ensure your roof system is strong enough to support them. Often roofs will require to be enhanced prior to concrete tiles being laid.


Concrete tiles are breakable. Although difficult to damage, heavy hail or branches falling on them can break them. They will similarly break if you stand on them or they fall off your roof.

Prone to weathering

Concrete tiles are prone to weathering. Although they are really hard, they can be impacted by big quantities of rain. Concrete tiles can absorb water, which triggers the improvement of spots and moss and mildew development.

Not totally wind resistant

Concrete tiles aren’t absolutely wind resistant. Although they have high wind resistance compared with other roof items, they can still be damaged in high winds.

So now you understand a bit more about concrete tiles and whether they’re best for you and your roof. To find a roof professional to install concrete tiles, fill in our online form. We’ll connect you with roughly 4 specialists in your area. Or to get more information about other pitched roofing products, take a look at our information on clay tiles, slate and shingles.

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